Slot machines have cool graphics, fun sounds, and you can play them even if you don’t have a lot of money. Those are just a few of the reasons that slot machines are one of the most popular games played at Canadian online casinos. Of course, even while you’re probably playing for the fun, it’s nice to make some money while you’re having a great time too. Whether you’ve been playing slots for years or you’re new to slot machines, this one-stop guide to slot machines will provide you with some helpful, essential information on these popular games.

Slot Machine Basics

The goal of slot machine games is to get a winning combination of game symbols so you win a corresponding jackpot. Slot machines always have at least three reals, although many have more. These machines are coin operated, and when the lever is pulled, the reels begin to spin. When you play online slots, you simply click a button that begins spinning the reels for you. While you can definitely enjoy some great success when playing the slots, slots are also great at taking your money away. This means it’s important to understand the basics of operating these machines so you’re more likely to win big while enjoying your favorite slot machines.

Operating the Slot Machines

To get started with a slot machine, you’ll need to choose your coin size. Simply use the coin button selector to choose the coin bet you want to use. You can also select the number of lines that you want to play on the slot machine. Multiply your coin bet by the number of lines and you’ll have your total bet. Start playing by pressing the button that spins the reels. When the reels stop spinning, you can spin again or you can cash-out.

Helpful Instructions

Playing slot machine games is fun, even when you don’t win, but it’s important to learn the instructions and rules for the games to enjoy the best chance of winning. Before you begin playing, you should look at the payout table on the slot machine. If you don’t see a pay chart or a pay table on the machine, you shouldn’t play that game. After looking at the payout table, you will find that you can play max bet and max lines, or you can choose to place smaller bets on all the lines or on only a few lines. The amounts you can play on a slot machine can vary. Some machines allow you to place penny bets, while other machines take nickels, quarters, or dollar denominations. You’ll want to make your choice depending on the bankroll that you have.

When you’re ready to place your bet, choose the denomination of coins that you want to use. Make sure you choose how many lines you want to play as well. Once you start spinning, each time you spin, the amount you bet will be removed from your current machine credit. You can play until your credits are gone or when you’re done playing, you can cash out from the machine and return your money to your overall casino balance.

Tips for Playing

When you start playing slots online, you want to maximize the chance that you’ll win a nice jackpot. Here are a few tips to remember for the best results.

  • Tip #1 – Check the Bonuses – Bonuses can really pay off, but you need to make sure that you read the terms and conditions that come with the bonuses.
  • Tip #2 – Bet Max on Progressive Slot machines – If you’re playing progressive slot machines, you have to play max credits if you’re going to win that full jackpot. Make sure you bet the max bet or you could miss out on that jackpot.
  • Tip #3 – Look for Bonus Games – Bonus games aren’t just fun – they also offer you the ability to really make some money. Of course, sometimes you can play for hours and never get the bonus game. Make sure you find out what needs to be done to get the bonus games.
  • Tip #4 – Count the Machine’s Paylines – Many slot machines offer you 10, 20, 25, or 50 paylines, and you get more ways to win when you have more paylines. Consider looking for slots that have a high number of paylines to maximize your chance of winning.
  • Tip #5 – Know When You Need to Stop – It’s easy to win money and then keep playing until you lose it all again. Know when to stop so you’re more likely to walk away with some extra money.

Before you play online casino slots, there are a few basic things you need to understand. There are quite a few similarities with this format and playing the slot machines in a physical casino. Yet there are also some differences you may not be aware of. With the right information, you can decide where you will play and the games you will play. You can also understand bonus features and other details.


There are numerous themes out there when it comes to online casino slot machine games. You can pick a game that has a theme you are fond of. You can also pick games based on the overall payouts and the many ways you can win. Bonus features are also enticing because they increase the amount of coins you can win. The graphics and the sounds associated with any online slot machine also determine if it is something you will play.

Rules of Play 

Even though all slot machine games have a similar concept, the rules of play can vary. It is your responsibility to learn about those rules before you play the game. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy it more. For example, what is the wild and what are the scatters offered? How do you earn free spins?

Are there multipliers that can increase the amount of coins you win based on certain features of the game? The more you know the more comfortable you will be playing that particular online slot machine game. Some games offer various jackpots that can be won randomly but most require you to get a certain combination of symbols on a pay line. There are also slot machines that offer a progressive jackpot which can be very enticing as the amount climbs.


Most slot machine games are simple, and that is part of the appeal. If you would like to gamble without learning about card games and strategies then this is certainly an option. You don’t have to do any calculations and you can sit back and relax. Many online slot machine games allow you to set up AutoPlay. This means you can set it up to spin the reels a set number of times for you at a set wager.


Even though online slot machines are simple to play, it doesn’t mean there isn’t some strategy to think about. The more you know about the game you play, the easier it is to make decisions about how much you will wager. Manage your money by determining before you start to play how much you will allocate. Should you spend all that money, you are done for that session.

Make a plan for cashing out too. How much money will you reserve to play more and how much will you cash out when you win playing online slot machines. Play when you have energy and you are alert. Don’t play online slot machines when you are tired or upset. Logic rather than emotion should always rule your game playing.

Have fun and don’t get too focused on winning the big jackpots. While that can be exciting, the smaller wins add up quickly too. Take advantage of any bonuses or freebies offered by online casinos too. If you plan to play there often, sign up for any rewards program they have. You can earn cash back, extra deposits into your account, and even entries to tournaments. 

Coin Denominations

You can select how much money you wish to wager with slot machine games. Many of them have multiple coin denominations accepted. They also allow you to play only a few coins or many at a time. The more coins you play though the more chances to win you get with each spin of the reels. You also get higher payouts when you have bet more coins. Most slot machine games only offer the jackpot payouts if you have bet the maximum number of coins.

Getting Started

Millions of players from around the world enjoy paying slot machine games online. There are hundreds of sites where these games can be played. It is certainly an exciting form of entertainment that you may wish to take part in! Take your time to find the right online casino for your needs. Experiment with several slot machine games and before long you will have some favorite ones identified.