All online and land-based casinos feature craps because the game happens to be tremendously popular among the players. Nearly 20 players can play the game at the same time in a land-based casino, which makes it engaging and dynamic.

Online casinos have two opportunities for players to choose among. They can either select a single player mode or a virtual table that features other live players.

The Basics

Craps is a dice game. The dice are rolled and the players expect to get a certain result in order to win.

The individual currently rolling the dice is called the shooter. If the shooter rolls a score of two, three, seven, 11 or 12 during the first roll (also known as a come out roll), the round will be over. In the case of rolling any other number, the round continues. The number becomes the “point” and the shooter will either have to roll the point again or roll a seven.

Bet Types in Craps

The amount that the player is going to win depends on the bet.

The two most common bet varieties are pass line and don’t pass line. The pass lines bet will win if the player rolls a seven or an 11. If the roll comes out with a point and the shooter rolls a point once again before rolling a seven, the pass line bet will be once again winning.

If the first roll ends up with a two, three or 12, anyone with the pass line bet will lose.

A point that is rolled on the first roll and is followed with a seven before a second point will also lead to loss for anyone who has made a pass line bet.

The second bet variety is the opposite of a pass line bet. The only exception is that a 12 will be considered a tie rather than a win in the case of a don’t pass line bet. Depending on the casino, the tie could be associated with a two rather than a 12.

Players can make a third bet – the come out bet. It has the same rules as the pass line bet but the difference is that it can be made at any point after the come out roll. A don’t come out bet can also be made and it will function like a don’t pass line bet.

Other Bet Possibilities

Craps players have several other less common betting options to choose among.

The first one is called a place bet. This bet is used to determine your individual points, regardless of the value that you have gotten during the come out roll. The place bet can be removed at any time of the game, which makes it different from the pass line or come out bet.

A single roll wager in the game of craps is known as a field bet. A roll that comes out in the range from two to four or from nine to 12 will lead to a field bet win. The field bet will lose in the case of a come out roll totaling from five to eight.

The big six and big eight bets is similar to the place bet. The only difference is that big six and big eight bets pay less, which is why they happen to be rather unpopular among craps players.

Hardway bets comprise the final category. In this case, the player is betting that a number will be rolled as a double before it gets rolled in any other way. If the player puts a hardway bet on a 10, this means that the player bets that a 5-5 will be rolled first (before a 4-6, for example).

Players can put bets on a single roll and these are known as proposition bets. More information about the proposition bets will usually be available in the online craps game help guide.