Unique Online Blackjack Games Explained

Online casinos give you the chance to try dozens of games, some of which are solely available on the internet. Blackjack is an example of a game that has numerous online variations. Here are some of the blackjack games that are unique to the online realm and the characteristics that differentiate those from the traditional version.


Some South Pacific casinos have a game of pontoon but the online version comes with its distinctive features.

Online pontoon features two dealer’s cards that are both face down. This aspect of the online game makes it more challenging than traditional blackjack. In addition, a player has to hit until the value of 15 is reached.

After hitting, online pontoon allows double down. The natural blackjack is the best hand in pontoon. The next best option is five-card hand that doesn’t go over 21. The dealer will be the winning party in the case of a tie, even if the player has a good five-card hand or blackjack.

Spanish 21

Though it used to be played in actual casinos, Spanish 21 is now available solely in the online realm. New versions of the game have replaced this option but the good news is that it can be played in numerous online casinos.

Often called Match Play 21, this game excludes tens from the deck. Jacks, kings and queens are kept. The game is also characterized by the lack of stiff cards, which makes the dealer bust less often than in other versions of blackjack.

The game comes with some additional rules. A 21 will always win and a blackjack will be paid immediately. The player wins even if there’s a tie and the dealer has blackjack, as well. Spanish 21 provides the ability to double down on any number of cards and to surrender after a double down.

Face Up 21

Also known as Double Exposure Blackjack, Face Up 21 is different because both of the dealer’s cards are face up.

Though this is a big advantage for the player, it gets offset by some of the other game rules. A player has the ability to double down only on nine, 10 and 11. Players are also not allowed to double down after splitting.

All ties are won by the dealer, except for cases involving blackjacks.

Zappit 21

The most important characteristic of Zappit 21 is that it gives the player a chance to discard a 15, 16 or 17. In such instances, the player gets a chance to draw two additional cards. These hands need to be dumped, regardless of the dealer’s cards. To offset this shortcoming, Zappit 21 enables the player to push any hand (apart from a blackjack) if the dealer has a 22.

21 Duel

Most Playtech online casino platforms have this blackjack variation. The most important rule is that an ante must be placed before the dealing of the cards. Players are also required to have at least two more bets available in chips.

Two cards are dealt for the player and for the dealer. One faces up and one faces down. Two additional cards are dealt up in the center of the table. The player can decide to fold (and lose the ante), to make a second wager (allowing the player to choose one of the central cards) or to double down. In this instance, the wager will include the player’s down card. All of the three situations involve three-card combinations.

Once the player makes a decision, the dealer will play by picking the best central card that will complement the face up card. In the case of a 17, the dealer will stand. If the sum is 16 or less, the dealer will also have to use the other card.

Lucky Blackjack

The final online version of the classic game is a good option for beginners because it involves minimum strategy. After the placement of the bets, the dealer will play a normal hand. There is no player hand for the dealer to compete against. The bets are paid on the basis of the dealer’s hand value.