The game Sic Bo isn’t too difficult to learn. The game is quite a bit of fun, but the more you understand about the strategy the more you can win. Any online gaming experience is more exciting when you are winning! There are plenty of options with this game involving dice and numbers. That is why it is so easy to win often. You can bet on all three dice, two of them, or a single die.

The more difficult the combination is the better it will pay out. However, holding out for those long shots can result in you losing the funds you have to wager with without any returns. Likewise, playing it safe all the time will keep you playing but at the end of the day, your player account won’t have grown any.

With that in mind, the strategy of Sic Bo is to offer wagers with moderate amounts of risk. You can explore the amount of risk involved by reading the odds chart. It will provide you with the odds for all of the combinations of possible wins. Another strategy of Sic Bo is to wager on more than one combination per game. By doing so, you increase the chances of winning and you reduce the risk of not getting any return on your wager.

At the bottom of the board, you will see the “Single Bet” option. You can bet that any of the three dice will be a specific number. For example, if you pick the number 4, you will get paid. If more than one of the dice have the number 4, you get paid even more. There is also the “Two Dice” bet option at the bottom of the board. This type of wager allows you to predict the numbers of those two dice.

The third dice doesn’t do anything for that type of bet. However, it gives you an advantage because you only need two of the three dice to have your two numbers come up for you to win. This type of strategy means one of the dice is really an extra for you to work with. If you get two dice correct, you will get 6:1 of what you wagered.

Look at the center of the Sic Bo board and you will see the “Three of a Kind” wager option. This type of bet requires you to successfully guess the numbers for all three dice. It has a very nice payout of 24:1 of what you wagered. However, this is one of the hardest wagers to win on with the game. The house definitely has the advantage.

Another type of wager you can find located at the center of the board is the “Total of Three Dice”. You can predict what the total of the dice will be and the payout can be from 6:1 to 60:1 of what you wagered. It depends on the numbers that it totals up to. Look at the odds charge to see what the possible payouts are before you wager your total. This is also a very hard strategy because there are so many options other than your sum of the three dice that can result.

Even with following these strategies, playing Sic Bo isn’t without risk. It is a game of chance and you can’t factor that into the equation. However, with strategies in place you do have a better opportunity of walking away with some money in your pocket. Knowing the strategies does give you a slight advantage over the house, and that is always nice when it comes to online gaming!