The Hunt for the Loosest Slots

If you enjoy playing slot machines, you want a good return on what you wager. The hunt for the loosest slots is a great way to get coins as winnings while you enjoy the games.  Many online casinos even advertise they have loose slots in an effort to entice players to wager there. Even physical casinos use this tactic on billboards or their magazine ads. Understanding who has loose slots and who is full of hype can help you to decide where you would like to play.

Percentage of Payouts 

Check out the percentage of payouts that are posted. At a physical casino, they may post the winnings on the machines. They do so in order to draw you in so you will play those slot machines. It makes sense from a player’s point of view to play those that have the highest payout percentages.

How is this calculated if the slot machines are programmed? The programming within them can be set for various types of payout percentages. This is often from 80% to 98%. It is possible for them to be adjusted from these factory settings when they arrive at a casino. There is also the ability for adjustments to online slot machine games.

This amount is based on the amount of coins the players wager on any give slot machine. The percentages though are based on the life span of the slot machine, not daily payouts. The average life of a physical slot machine is 12 years.

Payout Frequency

The frequency of a payout is also part of determining the loosest slot machines. However, this can be misleading so you have to evaluate this at face value. For example, a $1 per spin slot machine may pay back $.50 every $5 or so. That is a frequent payout but it isn’t a very good payout. Even if it only returns a penny on a bet, it is part of the payout frequency calculation.

Myths of Loose Slot Machines

There are several myths too that continue to circulate in regards to loos slot machines. Some players believe they are found in a given location of a physical casino. They are in the common areas so when other people walk by they see players winning. They hear the sounds of slot machines going of due to those wins. This encourages those walking through to put coins in at an empty machine.

When someone wins a jackpot at a slot machine, don’t assume it won’t pay out again in the near future. Every single spin is completely random and it doesn’t reflect on previous wins for that day. Don’t pass by a slot machine just because someone else won at it. Putting your coins into it could have the same outcome for you.

By the same token, just because a slot machine hasn’t paid out for quite some time doesn’t mean it is “due” to do so. You will find players that search for slot machines without high wins on the record for some time. They assume the odds of winning with them is higher than other slot machines but that isn’t true.

Casinos aren’t able to control when a slot machine will render a jackpot to a player. The speed of the spinning of the reels isn’t going to influence if you win or not. You may find you seem to do very well with a certain slot machine or a certain game when you play it. There is no way to really identify which slot machines will pay out. You do want to look for casinos that have a good history or high payouts consistently though.