Red Dog Poker

Red Dog is a fast paced, heart pounding casino game. Using a traditional 52 card deck, players go up against Lady Luck to win big money at the casino. The game begins with a shuffle by the dealer. At no time are players allowed to touch the cards. In traditional casinos, cards are punched after a round so they cannot be reused. Online casinos use randomizers to reduce the risk of card counting and tampering.

Each hand of Red Dog is played with a full deck. The order the cards are drawn vary from one game to the deck. Every card has an equal chance of being pulled, so there is no advantage in this game. It is with that knowledge that you should carefully decide your playing strategy for this game.

How to Play Red Dog

The game is one of the easier ones to learn. It begins with players making an initial bet. Once the player has laid down their funds, the dealer places two cards face up. If the cards are consecutive, the hand is a push and the player is given their initial bet back. If the numbers are identical, the dealer plays a third card. In the event the next card is the same, players win at a ratio of 11:1.

If the cards are not consecutive or similar, then players begin to make their choices. A player can choose to raise their wager, or they call the hand where it is. Once the decision has been made, the dealer will place a third card down. If the card is a value that falls between the first two cards, you win. If the third card is higher or lower than the other two, the player loses. If the card matches either of the other cards, this is also a loss for the player.

How are Winnings Determined?
Payouts in Red Dog vary from one game to the next. There is no set amount that is played. Instead, payment is paid based on the gap. This is determined by the spread in the game. In a game with a spread of one number between them, the odds are 5:1 and paid at that number. If the spread is two, then the payment is 4:1. The wider the spread, the less house edge there is. So the payout begins to decrease. Usually if the spread is three or more, the payout is 1:1. However, different casinos take different approaches to the final payout amounts. So it is important to check with the pay table at your favorite online casino to determine how they handle the Red Dog payments.

Red Dog Online is a Social Experience

Most online casinos are encouraging friends to play Red Dog together at this casino. Together, players spend more time in the room and wager more money. Knowing they will gamble more, casinos now allow friends to host rooms and have a chance to sit and chat with each other as the game progresses. Since cheating is impossible, there is no concern or risk for the casino. Thus turning this into a truly casual event where casinos stand a chance to generate more income. Of course, fellow members in the room have the ability to offer their insight into whether or not a player should continue a wager.

Players that want to experience an exciting game of luck should look no further than Red Dog. This is one of the best online games available. It is a fast paced game that will have players taking a risk against chance. With hopefully incredible results as they hit the top payout amount.