Online slots variance

If you play online slot machine games, you may have heard the term slot variance quite often. Yet most players still don’t understand what it means or how it influences their play. Many players select a given slot machine game based on the theme and the graphics. We all have our preferences and that is what makes it interesting.

However, picking a slot machine game to play online due to the graphics and the theme doesn’t help you with the odds of winning. Slot variance can increase the odds in your favor and result in the coins adding up quickly. There are quite a few types of slot variance to learn about and it isn’t hard. Yet this can be a wonderful strategy to help you enjoy your gaming activities even more.

Slot variance refers to the statistical element of slot machine winnings. It comes down to the risk factor you encounter when you wager coins to play the game. This includes the overall odds of winning. Some slot machine games seem to have looser slots than others, so you get more of a payout from them overall. It is often in the form of smaller payouts versus large jackpot wins.

Low Variance

With a low variance, you can expect several good-sized wins, but you likely won’t win the big progressive jackpot for that slot machine. However, you will be able to play for a longer time with the funds you put into your player account. You can also make a nice profit if you cash out regularly rather than putting your winnings all back into slot machine play.

Medium Variance 

With medium variance, you have a higher probability of winning a larger jackpot. It typically won’t be a progressive jackpot but still a large one that they offer which is considerably more than just a regular reel spin and win. There are also plenty of smaller wins that can occur with this type of variance.

High Variance

With high variance, those are the slot machines online that are going to allow players to win big. They offer the progressive jackpots and someone will win them now and then. However, the payouts aren’t consistent. Sometimes it has phases where there aren’t wins at all. Then it can have phases where there are small to medium wins. Then there are times when the ultimate win does occur.

Based on that information, the player has to decide which type of variance they would like. It depends on how much you can afford to lose and how lucky you feel. If you want to have more time to play slots, the lower wins mean you can play and play without investing more of your money. If you want a big win, though, you must increase the overall risk.

The pay table is available for every slot machine found online. Pay attention to the amount of the bet that was wagered and the multiplier that was part of the winning combination. Take a look at the number of free spins that have been issued and if there was a multiplier. Look for those that offer a multiplier of 3 or higher. As you look at these pay table statistics, you can find out which level of slot variance that particular slot machine falls into.

While a great deal of winning while you play slot machines online has to do with luck, it also has plenty to do with slot variance. If you already love playing slots, you will be able to enjoy them even more as you see your winnings piling up!

Top 10 new slot games

Looking for a new slot machine game to enjoy? Here are some that came out in 2014 that you may be interested in. They offer you amazing graphics, great themes, and plenty of ways to win coins. Many of them rely on scatters and wilds to help you get larger payouts. There are also free spins that can add to your winnings!

Game of Thrones

Millions of fans tune in to watch Game of Thrones on HBO. Now you can play it as a slot machine game online. There are 8 bonus features and 5 reels offered. The symbols are representative of the various fantasy characters and icons of the show.

Terminator 2

Who doesn’t love the Terminator movies? This is also a great new game that was released in the summer of 2014. There are plenty of ways to win with this game too. It features 243 possible win combinations. Coins can also be won through the bonus games, free spins, and the wild symbols that appear often.

Wild Waters

Take blast back in time with this video slot machine game. Wild Waters has a theme that represents the 60’s and 70’s when the beach was the place to be. It has fun icons of beach bums, surf boards, waves, and much more. When you get a winning combination, an animated wave is shown on the screen. There are plenty of free spins and bonus games available. One of them offers a 200x multiplier!

Easy Slider

If rock and rock is your music of choice, you will love playing easy rider. This rock themed video slot machine game is already one of the most popular and it just came out the summer of 2014. It is also one of the loudest slot machine games around! There are 25 lines and 5 reels offered with this game. The graphics are very appealing and the soundtrack is explosive.

Easy Slider offers you the chance to stack wilds. When this occurs the animation offers flames and roaring engines. You can earn up to 15 free spins and various multipliers. There are also 5 different gaming experiences so you won’t get bored playing it.

Great Zeus

Greek Mythology has always been a favorite theme for people. Great Zeus brings that theme to slot machine play. It offers various free spin options with 10x multipliers. When Red Zeus is shown on reel 5 a lightning bolt is shown across the row. This game is one that keeps players entertained and coming back for more. It also has the Wager Saver that allows you one more spin even when you are out of coins to wager.

Lady Godiva

If you enjoy any way win games, Lady Godiva is going to thrill you. With all of the expanded symbols offered including free spin bonuses, you will be engaged for a long time with the coins you start out with. You can win up to 50 free spins. The Wager Saver is featured with this game too. While the jackpots you can win aren’t high, you can win often enough to play with a very small initial amount of coins.

Spider Man

Imagine being Spider Man for a moment, and the many adventures that would come with it. If you are playing this slot machine game in a physical casino, the char is even going to vibrate during certain spins. It is part of the Sensory Immersion games which are starting to come out. There are plenty of video clips in this game that are from the various Spider Man movies. Some of the bonuses allow you to get up to 30x with the multipliers.

Monopoly Prime Real Estate

Who doesn’t remember playing the board game Monopoly at some point? Now you can enjoy it with as a slot machine game. Monopoly Prime Real Estate offers some of the best graphics around. You can move around the board in an attempt to win big. All of your favorite symbols from Monopoly are featured in this game.

Wild West

Go back in time to the days of cowboys where the good and the bad often had to shoot it out. Wild West offers great symbols including the pinup cowgirl which can win you free spins and bonuses. There is a Wild Reel you can wager coins to play. This offers you some exciting action in addition to the regular game play.

She’s a Rich Girl

There is a nice twist to the She’s a Rich Girl slot machine game. Who doesn’t wish from time to time they could go buy the most expensive clothing and the largest diamonds? This game is a chance to get to experience that virtually. One of the fun symbols it includes is the Pampered Pooch.