It may surprise you to know, given the amount of information out there and the many thousands of gaming and gambling sites online that the history of online gaming is quite short.  The  gambling  online is a very recent development with a timeline that goes back as little as just under 20 years.

It’s been less than that since the first casino online actually came into play. The history of gambling and gaming of course is much longer. The first reported gaming house or casino came into play in 1765. It was in Baden. Casinos and gambling houses began to open all across the United States in the pioneer days with poker and gambling houses becoming very common in the old west. Even so, it took more than 200 years for an online casino to enter the fray.

History tells us that four things are  responsible for the emergence of the online casino.

The first  item that is responsible for online gaming is the invention and the development of game software. That came into play in the latter part of the 1970s, but really didn’t have a venue on which to work. The internet was not yet a major force in the country.

The second and probably most important was the means for the average person to have access to a computer in their home. The invention of the home computer was of paramount importance in the online gaming industry.

The third  major factor then that entered into play and was responsible for online gaming was the means to connect the different home computers to the single server computer that was located somewhere out there. That powerful new technology was becoming commonplace in the early 90s. IT was known as the internet.

Regulatory bodies soon followed around 1994 which paved the way for online gaming.

While the technology existed for online casinos when the internet began the actual online gambling was not possible until the mid 90s. It was then that the Free Trade & Processing Act was passed in a Caribbean nation. That single act provided for online gaming on a grand scale. In a scant 15 years the development of online casinos took place and the revenue generated from them was astronomical, reaching more than 17 billion dollars by the end of 2009.

The internet, the life blood of online gaming continues to grow and to advance with things like IoT and other improvements taking hold of the gaming industry as well as many others. It enables players from around the globe to interact and experience casino gambling even when it may not be available to them locally in their own areas. Online gaming today, giving the advancements in technology, allows the players who are taking part to do literally anything that they might do in a traditional casino.

Today online gambling is a hobby, an obsession and even a profession for millions of users. In order to protect them and to protect the industry as a whole commissions and watchdog organizations exist that provide rules and regulations under which the online gambling takes place.

Not a lot is left to chance today with the radical changes in and improvements to technology that allow for greater gaming freedom. There had to be some changes made in the legislation of the online casinos too.

Various groups work hard to protect the interests of the online gaming industry as well as the consumers themselves. These bodies, such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission  of Canada make the online casinos safer and more profitable for everyone who is involved.